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What SELTV users are saying

Meaghan Brody

Meaghan Brody

SELTV has been a game changer for me.

I was nervous about starting a SEL program in my classroom and found that the videos were helpful in getting me started, and now that I've been using them for over a year, students can't wait to watch the videos every day. I love being able to show students real world examples of what it means to be respectful and responsible.
Derek Martin

Derek Martin

SELTV is the wave of the future

The videos are short and great for teachers and parents alike. I am able to incorporate a video into my lesson plans as a short activity. It gives the students and I time to reflect on what we just learned. They are simple and easy to use, I will definitely be using them again!
Nicole Leslie

Nicole Leslie

SELTV is a great resource for bringing SEL to your class. Why would you look anywhere else?

We've used the videos in our own elementary classroom and love how the lessons are aligned to the CASEL core competencies. If you're looking for effective, engaging, and EASY ways to bring SEL into your classroom, this is your new go-to resource!


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